Why Would Anyone Choose to Work for Your Business?

13th August 2018

Could it be that more and more people are turning their back on working ‘for a business’ and instead, seeking to set up their own?

Every day at Riduna, we’re approached by scores of dynamic start-ups or ambitious entrepreneurs looking to find their ‘workplace home’ with us, or to move to a new company address after a few years of successful trading.

This week, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation announced that the number of people recruited into full time posts had slowed for July, and that while there are plenty of available opportunities out there for candidates, more employers are struggling to find keen and willing potential new staff.

Perhaps this is further evidence that some people who might once have left education or training and gone straight out seeking a job, are actually looking at entrepreneurial opportunities themselves….or that they will need more convincing of working for a business.

So, if you are on the hunt for new staff, but you want to foster the environment which will still allow ambitious and entrepreneurial types to feel that they’re in a great culture as part of your workforce, what are some top suggestions for successfully hiring the best candidates?

People buy people. From the minute you engage with your audience of potential staff – from the advert to the in-person interview process, reflect the personality of yourself and the people within your team. Long gone are the days when all that mattered was money. People want to enjoy being in their work environment as much as possible.



What sets you apart?
While there are half a dozen insurance companies with similar products to your own, or plenty of competitor IT businesses that the candidate might opt for instead, what can you reflect about the ‘way’ your company goes about business?
Are you and your current staff clear on the ethos and the vision?
Do you share in a culture of knowledge exchange rather than top-down dictation?
Do you spend valuable ‘time out’ together?


Training and upskilling will matter to a lot of new staff – whether they’ve already been around the block a few times, or are taking their first employed role with you.

Have you a system and training solutions in place which will help them develop?

Yes, money talks, but more and more people care these days about working for a company which ‘gives back’ or is very aware of its community.

Do you have an Employer Supported Volunteering programme in place which allows employees to give time to charity? What other ways do you help staff feel that there is something more to your business?


Yes, we would say this wouldn’t we, but an office environment is absolutely critical.

No matter how great your business, few people are going to want to stay working for you long term of your office is stuffy, the view is terrible, and it’s a pain to get to via public transport.

If you need help with this aspect and want to make Riduna a home for you, we’d be only to happy to chat.


For more information about offices available at Riduna Park, please contact the team to arrange a site visit.

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