Five Reasons London Escapees Set up Business in Suffolk

18th July 2018

Ask around the dynamic community of East of England business owners and entrepreneurs, and so often you’ll find that they’ve either lived, or worked (or both) in London.
But, sooner or later, and whether attracted by our blue skies and favourable property prices, or because of family ties, many find themselves wanting to have a business here.
We’ve looked at the key five of those motivators.

1 Close, but not too close
For many business owners, particularly in the start-up days, it’s critical that they find a location which allows them plenty of access to clients and contacts, but increasingly allows them to enjoy a better quality of life than being ‘stuck in the city metropolis’.
It’s no wonder Suffolk appeals. We’re (on a good day) about an hour by train to London, and we’re also on good routes to the likes of Cambridge and Norwich.
Add to that the benefits of being able to jump in the car and unwind with fish and chips on the coast in the summer evenings (no commute required!) and you can see the reason why it’s a huge plus-point.

2 Home Sweet Home
Naturally, house prices have a bearing on where anyone would want to establish a business.
Many cite East Anglia as having exceptionally good value properties for the size of property, garden and surrounding areas achieved by being away from a big city.
Suffolk still seems to be that much cheaper than so many other commuter-distance towns and communities outside of the capital, and perhaps that’s because we’ve been less inclined to shout about ourselves in recent years.
Either way, it means we’re a county rich in great property options for budding entrepreneurs.

3 Expertise and Experience
Given the increasing weight afforded to some of our academic institutions in the area, a lot of business owners see huge advantage in the knowledge resource they can tap into here in Suffolk.
The University of Suffolk now boasts an exceptional reputation for professional expertise in key industry areas, and delivers some very well tailored out-reach programmes with which start-ups and developing businesses can engage.
There’s also some superb and highly accomplished specialists working within our county’s businesses, particularly when it comes to research and tech.

4 Growth and Investment Support
Suffolk now has some impressive business-focused bodies which help everyone from the smallest micro company, to an ambitious fast-track firm, scale its various challenges with grants, practical support, and continual advisory.
The likes of New Anglia LEP and MENTA are very well respected for the level of hand-holding and guidance they deliver to business owners, which all makes for a more attractive destination in which to base your company brand.

5 Community Impact
Business owners are not one-trick-ponies. They want to be in a place where they can build networks, add value, feel part of a community, and develop opportunities to ‘give back’ in some way.
Suffolk benefits from being a superb place of community groups, social enterprises, charitable activities and campaigning causes.
Most business owners will say that feeling able to be ‘part of’ that kind of work is just as important to them as is growing their own company.


**Thinking about establishing your business here in Suffolk? Want to look at Riduna Park as an option?
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