Seven Tips for a Successful Work Life ‘New Term’

13th September 2018

Right. That’s done.
Kids safely back in school, elder children off to university perhaps, so no excuses left to unsettle your work-life motivation.

September is a perfect time to get some momentum back into your business world, and to face Autumn with a flourish of commercially focused enthusiasm.

We’ve gathered some tips and advice from our tenant businesses here at Riduna Park, and here’s our top seven suggestions.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

With a multitude of devices and tech wizardry enabling us to be in touch with work and our customers 24/7, there’s a danger that we’re never actually switching off.

Many of the tenants here at Riduna say they’ve learned the hard way over the years, that you do need to step back from time to time to recharge, and that means being more effective with the tools you have in your business – not necessarily being in the office burning the Midnight oil.


Pre-Christmas Push

One of the shared beliefs amongst our tenants, was that this period between the start of the new academic year, and the Christmas holidays, is actually a great time to get sales meetings, client relationship time, and to really revisit what’s working in your business.

Many perceive this as a great phase, perhaps because we’re all rejuvenated after a summer break, to apply more motivation and energy to our work.


Don’t Be All Things to All People

It seems it’s true what they say about gathering a team around you who have skills beyond your own.

Many business owners say they’ve learned that they can’t have all the skills and solutions, so whether that means growing your own team, or calling on freelancers and associates for specialist areas like marketing and finance, it’s certainly worth allowing other people to focus on their skills while you get on with yours.


Be Seen Among Your Peers

There’s always plenty of networking in the Suffolk region for business owners and influencers, and this period of the year seems to be a great one for getting out and about and meeting new potential prospects.

During the summer, many people were off on holiday or covering for colleagues, so less businesses devoted time to networking.

Use this period to rejuvenate your approach to networking.


Hooray for Hospitality

In the knowledge that Christmas is only a few months off, some businesses say they start using this period to reacquaint themselves with contacts, prospects and suppliers.

This can mean offering advance notice of a Christmas event you plan to host, or scheduling a pre-festive private client event or dinner. Get in their quick. Diaries fill up fast.


Tell your Story

While the school holidays are in full swing, it’s likely to have been the case that you’ve forgotten to keep the media up to speed with what you’re doing and how well your business is progressing.

Now is a great time to revisit your PR strategy and communicate your successes to the local press.

Employee Rewards!

If you’ve seen less of staff over the summer because of the holidays, or you know that some employees had to work super hard to cover those who were off with their families, it’s a perfect reason to start thinking about some employee recognition.

Start talking to your team about the kind of ‘team away day’ or activity or event you might do to bring you all back together again and to maintain motivation.

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